Monday, May 3, 2010

It's pool time!

For everyone that has been waiting for the pool to open so that you can jump in during the hot days, its only two weeks away! I know everyone I have talked to in Ashley Forest is so excited about the opening. I walk daily with my dog past the pool and they have started setting up tables and chairs-yahooooo! I know I am so psyched for this but I want to bring up a serious note.

For all that have received the CAS (homeowner's letter) dated on April 6, 2010- it gets a little scary when reading about two drug related transactions happening in the pool parking lot! I was very unaware of these happenings and it really scares me. I know that NO ONE in our neighborhood wants to feel unsafe or uncomfortable! A lot of parents are now questioning allowing the kids to play on the nice play set that has kindly been provided by Ashley Forest. So what do we do?

We look out for our neighbors- we make sure that we are taking an active stance of protecting our community. How doe we do this? Who knows- other than use your senses. Remember to be aware and observant of everything that is going on! Be involved with people around you. The more you get to know your neighbor, to more safe you will feel living where you live- plus you will be able to go and ask for some milk, sugar, etc!

Long story short- lets look out for each other- lets take care of our neighborhood and bring it back to the safe, fun place!