Tuesday, March 22, 2011

3 little groundcovers that thrive under trees

Shade loving garden Lilliputians offer a dainty spring flower and dramatic foliage without needing tons of sun. The three that you can look for at your local garden center to spruce up your yard even though it might not get tons of sun are:

Barrenworth: also called fairy wings, this pint-size pretty thrives in the dry soil beneath shallow-rooted trees. It has red-tinged leaves

Lungworth: An early riser, lungworth breathes life into your spring garden.Bears white flowers and mottled leaves

Foamflower: (pictured above) Maded for its frothy white and pink blooms, the foamflower forms large clumps of deeply lobed leaves, often streaked or speckled with red

Easy and Enjoyable!

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